Willis | Wilmington, NC Family Photos


Meet Tara, Brian, Amelia, and Maelee. I know them from my church so I was so happy when Tara asked me to take her family photos! It was such a FUN session! Tara is so creative and that is proved all over these pictures. She took me to a couple new spots for the first half of the session that were absolutely perfect. The first was her neighbor's cottage tucked behind trees, looking exactly like it belonged in a fairy world or in a Thomas Kinkade painting. The next spot was a tree-lined drive, with amazing southern trees covered in Spanish moss. She brought along her girl's tea set and they had a mini tea party! How cute?? This family has such a sweet relationship. The girls are best friends and Tara and Brian adore their girls as much as they adore their parents. The longer I spent with them, the more clear it became how perfectly God placed Tara and Brian together. I'll end there so you can get to the pictures ;).