UNCW Proposal | Josh & Amanda

I LOVE photographing proposals! It is such an exciting, emotional, and. Josh emailed me a while ago, asking if I was available for the date he was going to propose to his girlfriend. I love photographing couples (obviously!!) so I switched some things around and booked him!! Closer to the date as we started going over the details it was clear that Josh had everything planned to a T. He was very thoughtful in every detail and I knew that Amanda would be so happy!!

Here's a little about their story! *cue the "awww"'s*

Josh and Amanda met at UNCW during Freshman Seminar and stayed together all through college and the past few years while Josh has been in law school. Because UNCW is where they met, it's very special to them so that's where Josh chose to propose...very sneakily! He and Amanda have a bench they would sit at often in between classes so he decided to sit there and talk for a little while, then get up to "go to dinner" to throw her off track! He led her down to the amphitheater and began to talk to her then proceeded to get down on one knee and... grab the ring from his sock!! Amanda had playfully been patting his pants pockets the day before asking if he had a ring so Josh got smart and hid it in his sock! Amanda died laughing, Josh proposed, and she said YES! As you'll see in the pictures, she was ecstatic!! It was so sweet to watch. Since UNCW is like a ghost town this time of year, I brought my sister, Lauren, with me to fake as a model so I wouldn't stick out too much with my camera. She even almost started to cry!! 

After they hugged and Amanda had a chance to ooh and ahh over her gorgeous ring, we spent a little time walking around UNCW getting some engagement pictures. Josh and Amanda are truly one of the sweetest couples I've had the pleasure of photographing. It was such a joy to work with them. I'm so excited for them as they enter into this new season!!!

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