Florence, Italy


Florence is a beautiful city, characterized by everything you think of when you think "Italy." I mean, just look at the warmth of the buildings and the Cyprus trees in the background! Florence is a great walking city. We had an easy time following our map to get from place to place. We had two full days in Florence; the first we took a bus tour and the second a walking tour. Our bus tour made a stop at the Academy where we saw Michelangelo's David. It was fascinating! I was in awe of the grandeur and detail and enormous size! To think that someone carved it is mind blowing. Our walking tour highlighted much of the history of Florence. We also learned how to find the best gelato, which is obviously a win! After the tour we went for lunch where I enjoyed some of the best food I ate in all of Italy. My favorite dishes were mine, a penne with salmon and cream sauce, and Lauren's Carbonara. I'm craving both just thinking about it! That evening we went to the leather market and searched for the best gelato. What we found was good, but the best we had we found later in Rome. On the way back to the hotel we took the scenic route along the river and experienced Florence in a gorgeous golden glow!