John & Laura | Wilmington, NC Wedding Photos


I am so excited to share this wedding with you! I've been excitedly anticipating Laura and John's special day for months! I immediately liked Laura when we met, and left our first meeting knowing that I would love her wedding day. She is so laid back and sweet! The day itself was so much fun! The ceremony was short and sweet, filled with love. Laura and John wrote beautiful vows for each other. Every guest was so happy to be there celebrating the two. It was obvious they are loved by so many! 

Laura and John have quite a love story! They've been long distance twice, but through it all their love grew strong. It all began when Laura was just beginning graduate school on Long Island. She began spending time with groups of people from her department, and one night John was in one of the groups. After every one else left early that night, John and Laura decided to go out together. The next few months they began spending more and more time together. Laura knew they were falling for each other when John went to a friend's birthday party and began texting her during the evening, saying he missed her. As Laura says, "no guy chooses a girl over his friends unless he really likes her ;)." They became official a few months later, but eventually John moved to North Carolina to finish school while Laura still had a year left in New York. It was a difficult few months apart because of how much they missed each other... so much so that Laura decided to move to North Carolina too! After Laura was here for a year, they were required to be long-distance again when John got a job as a professor in Georgia. One of the things Laura loves most about John is his intelligence, so even though it was another difficult move, she is proud of his achievements. They were both thankful that Georgia wasn't half the distance New York was, so they have been able to see each other often!

John proposed to Laura right before she was about to leave for Australia for a 2-month fellowship. John took her to a restaurant overlooking the river for a romantic sunset dinner. Afterwards he proposed, completely surprising Laura who was expecting it after the summer!