English Countryside

I'm excited to finally be posting about our trip again! I'll be working on getting more posts up soon. The first one I posted was London, and today I'm posting about our tour outside London to Windsor, Bath, and Stonehenge. Each place was absolutely gorgeous. Windsor's gardens were beautiful; they almost looked unreal! No wonder this palace is one of the Queen's favorite places to visit. We walked inside, but weren't allowed to take any pictures. I wish I could have though, because each room was beautiful. Since we didn't have much time, it was suggested we walk quickly through the State Departments to have more time inside the Chapel. The Chapel was beautiful, but I think the State Departments turned out to be the favorite for all of us. The ball room, throne room, artwork on the walls, statues through the halls, and elaborate ceilings...everything was elegant. 

From Windsor our tour went to Bath, where we were free to walk around for a few hours at our own leisure. Tucked in a valley, we could look up to views of homes nestled in the hillside. I know their view of Bath has to be equally beautiful! The village was quaint and peaceful, especially overlooking the river. We stopped inside a small coffee shop that sat on a bridge. The food was decent, but the view and atmosphere made it worth the experience. Lauren decided she wants to make it her job to visit coffee shops around the world and the rest of us were figuring out how we could make that work too ;).

After Bath our next stop was Stonehenge, but we stopped at one of the oldest pubs in England for Fish and Chips first. The drive to Stonehenge took a while, but the incredible views of the English countryside made it worth it. There were rolling fields of green and yellow, scattered with grazing sheep. Stonehenge was situated in the middle of those fields. We took some pictures, but didn't stay long because of the cold wind. It is a beautiful view surrounding, but I have to admit, Stonehenge is only a bunch of rocks! We spent a little time in the museum nearby. It was interesting to learn the history behind these massive rocks, though very little is known. I think we would have enjoyed it better if there hadn't been such a cold wind, but I'm still happy to say I've been there and I wouldn't have missed the ride through the countryside!