London, England

It is still hard to believe I recently arrived back from a trip across Europe. I'm so excited to share my first post! Everyone keeps asking me what my favorite place was. I never know what to answer! I have so many favorites, and each one very different. As far as cities go, London and Paris are my favorite. I'm still having a hard time in deciding between the two! I can't wait to share pictures from each place with you, but for now... London!

We flew into London in the morning, so we had plenty of time for sight-seeing that day. We walked around a little while and grabbed some lunch before we were able to check into our hotel. It was in such a convenient spot! It took us ten minutes to walk to Kensington Palace and about 5 minutes to reach some museums we loved. After we checked in and our jet-lagged bodies were able to take a nap, we met one of my Grandma's friends who lives in London. He was so nice and it was so fun to have someone to show us around! He took us to Trafalger Square, were we first saw Big Ben. It was such a beautiful view! From there we took a bus to Westminster Abbey and Big Ben. It was such a beautiful evening and Big Ben looked lovely, as the British would say, all lit up. 

The next day we found a Starbucks for a hot drink to help wake up our jet-lagged bodies then went to a burger place called Byron's Proper Burgers. The restaurant was cute, the food good, and our Polish waitress very sweet! Afterwards we went to the Victoria and Albert Museum, the perfect way to spend our rainy London day. The building was so beautiful and I loved searching the art for anything I recognized. I recently took a couple of Art History classes so the entire trip was a fun way for me to test my knowledge and see how much I remembered! A little while later we met my Grandma's friend at Kensington to see more of the palace and beautiful gardens we didn't see the day before. Unfortunately, it was raining so we didn't stay long and I wasn't able to get many pictures. But the place was still beautiful! I would have loved to have the opportunity to explore it more. Afterward we went to our first true British pub for dinner. 

Our last day in the city of London my mom and I wanted to visit another museum. We went to the Natural History Museum and loved it! It was such a GORGEOUS building with so many fascinating displays. That afternoon all four of us went on a Bus and Boat Tour. We stopped at Buckingham Palace and the London Bridge for a few minutes to take pictures, and otherwise enjoyed seeing all the highlights of London from a double decker and then the river! Our river cruise on the Thames gave us views of both old and modern architecture. We had a tea time (if you know me, you know I don't like tea... I settled for hot chocolate ;)) with delicious biscuits with strawberry jam and "cream." It was all SO good. I need a tea time in America! 

I hope you enjoyed my first post on our trip! Next up will be our tour of the English Countryside! Follow me on Instagram or Facebook so you're sure not to miss it: