Lucas & Annelise | Proposal : Wilmington, NC Photographer

I have always wished for the opportunity to shoot a proposal. In one day I was asked by two different men to photograph the moment they would get on their knee and ask the love of their lives to spend forever, side by side. You have already read about Travis' proposal to Katelynn (if not, click here!) and today I am sharing the day Lucas asked Annelise to marry him.

Lucas brought Annelise to Wilmington for a beach getaway and, unknown to Annelise, to propose. The forecast called for rain, but God gave us the opposite: an absolutely stunning, sunny day! He asked Annelise to go for a walk with him as I followed behind, taking pictures. He stopped to kiss her, then got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife. She said yes! He completely surprised her and was so happy! She adored her ring, which Lucas picked all by himself. He did a great job... it was absolutely gorgeous!