Katelynn & Travis | Proposal : Wilmington, NC Photographer

They're getting marrieeeeeed! I have photographed Katelynn and Travis from portraits to prom so it was exciting for me to be apart of Travis' proposal! I was out taking pictures of my little sisters, Sarah and Emily, when he texted me asking if I would take pictures. I was soo excited and immediately told my sisters who were equally thrilled! 

Travis chose to propose at my church's college game night. We were playing Taboo and on Katelynn's turn as she was trying to get everyone to guess her word, Travis got down on one knee asking, "ring? ring?" She didn't realize at first what was happening, but when she did her reaction was priceless! Her eyes got big and she said "What?" Then Travis asked her to marry him and she excitedly said yes! She was so surprised, which made it that much more special! 

Now I hope you enjoy the story through pictures!