Thoughts on Life and Jesus

I love blue skies. 

I love glistening sand. 

I love golden light sunsets.

 I love the texture of the ocean.

More so, I'm in love with Jesus. Even "like" is actually too strong of a word for all the things above compared to my love for Him. Everything above simply brings glory to His glorious name. He gives me the breath of life. Without Him my whole life would be pointless. I feel it...I feel the lack of fulfillment it would have if I didn't have Him. School is discouraging and stressful. The future doesn't always look bright. Life is full of sunshine and flowers and laughter, but life is also full of broken hearts, scars, and pain. Sometimes I want to jump from one part of life to the next, but Jesus gives the present purpose. What would anything be without Him?  He gives me rest in the midst of stress. He gives me hope in the midst of hopelessness. He gives me joy in despair. No matter what happens, I always have Him. Without Him I would be nothing. He fulfills me. He completes me. All of life is empty without the Creator of it. Our souls cry out for Him; they long for Him. If you find yourself lacking joy, throw yourself into the arms of Jesus. Full satisfaction can never be found except in Him. I'm thankful that He chooses to prove this to me over and over in life.

Oh, how I love Jesus.