It Is Good

Good Friday.

The day that seems anything but "good."

The day the Son of our Maker and King had to die for us because all throughout history, ever since the bite from the forbidden fruit, we wanted our way. The Son knew our sinful nature would not change in the future. In fact the sin, our cancer by choice, would only become more prevalent. He became the cure so that the sin of the past, present, and future could be erased.

And we cry, "give us Barabbas!" Give us money. Give us comfort. Give us hatred. Give us pride. Give us our chains.

...instead of give us grace.

But because God is our Maker and King, He chose to give what is best for us.

In our sinful nature, we don't want Jesus. But that bite in the fruit couldn't completely destroy who we were created to be. We were created in God's image with souls that will never be satisfied apart from Him.

Not with money. Not with comfort. Not with hatred. Not with pride. Not with our chains.

Only with grace. Our Maker and King knew this.

He spoke and light flooded the darkness. He spoke and the waters were filled with sea creatures. He spoke and stars the number of Abraham's descendants filled the sky. He spoke and the moon reflected the sun. He spoke and the sky was filled with earth's own flying music-makers.

Yet He breathed and the breath of life filled you and me.

And after each day, He saw that it was good.

Fast-forward about 4,000 years. Unconditional love, amazing grace, and unfailing mercy are all chapter headings for the greatest love story, one you and I are invited to be apart of:

"Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down His life for His friends.

Spoken by the Greatest Love Himself. Many throughout history have died for their friends, but the Greatest Love died for His friends' and enemies' souls.

Perfect Love.

Six days of creation, and it was good. Then we ruined it and let sin pour into this world.

But God.

Everything about Him is good. He will not let Satan have the final victory. So about 2,000 years ago on this day, unconditional love, amazing grace, and unfailing mercy collided and there on a cross the Greatest Love, the Perfect Love, died for you and me.

And it is good.

The sin of our past, present, and future has been erased. Forgiven. Forgotten.

The same breath that breathed life into us took His final breath forgiving us:

"It is finished."

And, praise God, it is good because the story doesn't end there. 

The third day came.