It's Not About Giving Up


It throws us so many twists and turns we become dizzy.We get knocked down so many times we no longer understand the point of getting back up. Things don't happen in our timing or according to our plan, so we grow frustrated. All we want to do is give up, and sometimes we do. But many times we don't because there's something discouraging about giving up. Giving up means we fail and lose hope, so rather than fail we fight until exhaustion, and in exhaustion we still. keep. fighting.

Sounds courageous, right?

It is. So I understand your willingness to fight. Thumbs up to you.

But is fighting worth it?

No, because like I said, it's exhausting.

What if I told you the fight isn't about giving up, but letting go? There's a difference. Giving up we release hope and the fight. But letting go? Letting go we give up the fight, yet hold on to hope. Letting go we give God the fight, and trust Him to win. No more exhaustion or frustration, but instead rest and hope. I'm not encouraging you to never give up, because there are sins and some things outside of God's will that we must give up. But there are some fights where the winning is within God's will, yet we can't win them on our own. He watches us as we, with body and soul, fight in fear and frustration, wishing that we would only give it to Him.

Fighting through exhaustion sounds courageous, but giving God the fight in faith is more so. So today I encourage you to rise up in true courage. Today I encourage you to be hopeful; hopeful in the God who has the power to fight and win.

Today I encourage you not to give up, but to let go.

The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to be silent.
— Exodus 14:14