To the Labeled

I'm sure some of the words in the picture above are all too familiar. Most of us have worn one, two, three, or more, of these...labels.

This is how we identify ourselves.

You've cried tears because you can't rip off the label. Most of the time you don't even try because you believe that it really is your identity. I mean it's obvious, right? You've been forgotten. You've had your heart torn up and kicked around like a play toy. Your hair, skin tone, makeup, and clothes aren't even a third as perfect as the girl in the magazine...or closer to home, the girl sitting next to you in school. You talk too much, or not enough. You didn't make the grades you should have. You've lied too many times and have been too prideful to believe you deserve any amount of worth.

So here you find yourself. Labeled.

These labels hold us back, and we know it. We can't know our true identity while covering it up with words and phrases like, "scared," "not good enough," and "undeserving." But is this true? Is this really who we are?

Like Satan whispered to Eve, he whispers to you, "It's better this way." Satan is crafty, he's cunning, he's the father of lies (John 8:44). We wonder why Eve ever listened to him, not realizing that we too often listen to him just like she did. He's used the same strategy since the beginning of time and we've become so blinded that we believe him just like Eve. He even gives us the lie that we aren't blind! He tells us we aren't listening to any lies. You're not believing anything's all right. So we live our lives believing the world would be a better place with us donned in our labels. Satan makes them seem fitting, like he made eating the fruit seem appropriate, and even logical, to Eve. She found out quickly it was wrong; eating the fruit wasn't as logical as Satan made it out to be. But what about you? Maybe you haven't realized as quickly, but Satan is lying to you. He's leading you to believe that your identity is in those labels and there is nothing you can do to change them. You are who you are. 

But grace.

But mercy.

But love.

But Christ...

He rips off the labels. He doesn't see them. For all those who have believed in Christ as their Lord and Savior, He is your label.