China Travels 2015 : Catching Up

The wi-fi doesn't always work so well and I'm exhausted by the time I get back to the hotel most nights, so most of the things from this post happened several days ago. A couple stops after Zhuhai was one of my favorites. We were only there for one night, but the time we had was a lot of fun. The day we arrived we met one of my Grandma's long-time friends. My Grandpa also knew him years ago and they became very good friends, so it was great getting to finally meet him. We went with him to another of her friend's house. The lady has six foster children. We've been admiring all of the Chinese children from a distance, so it was fun to finally get to play with some!

Meet Haley! The cutest little Chinese girl named after me :) My grandma and grandpa's friend I mentioned earlier asked my grandma to give her an American name. Since she's her first Chinese "granddaughter," like I'm her first, she named her Haley. She was so sweet and soft and tiny! I loved getting to meet her.

The other day we explored the gorgeous countryside. We ate french fries with chopsticks in a treehouse! The food here is SO good. There was a restaurant/hotel situated around trees and we sat for lunch in the balcony in front of a beautiful view.

A few days ago we arrived in Guilin where we will be spending the majority of the rest of our trip. We're making a couple other stops right now, but soon we will be there for about a week just exploring and shopping! It's a beautiful city from what I've seen so far and I can't wait to see the rest of it!