Loving and Living the Here and Now

I saw this picture on Pinterest recently and it made me stop and think. I feel like this message is something God has been trying to teach me lately.

A little over two weeks from when I'm writing this I will have graduated high school, finished my first year of college (dual-enrollment), second-shot my second wedding, and will be on a plane flying to the other side of the world. Needless to say it's going to be a busy couple weeks, but the past few months have hardly been less busy.

In all the busyness it's been easy to wish that I could skip this part of my life. I've wished for the days to come faster before I leave on my trip or that I could even skip the next few years of my college life and already be done with it all. I really just want to be done with school. I can't wait to be able to put more of my time and energy into my job that I love so much. But God has been teaching me thankfulness during this time.

Thankfulness is a word that has been going through my mind a lot lately. It's also been showing up in my devotionals and Bible, so I'm guessing I should take a hint. God is awesome in the way that He finds just the right words to speak to me at just the right time. He always knows what to say, and exactly when to say it.

Paul tells us that we are supposed to be thankful in all circumstances, which is mind-blowing. During the good times it's easy to be thankful, but the hard times are...hard. But God works everything out for good (Romans 8:28). The bad times teach us to depend on God, and the good times remind us of His love for us. Don't waste your life away wishing for the weekend, for this test to be over, or summer to come. There are so many reasons to be thankful for this moment you're living in right now. Love the story God is writing right now! You never know what incredible things could happen in the next five minutes, and even if nothing happens God is still there, still waiting for you with open arms. This day you wish would be over or the test you can't stand studying for is just a sentence in the story God is writing. Make it a sentence of thankfulness and joy. Even if every earthly thing is crumbling around you, God is here and He is faithful. Use the hard times to cling ever so closely to Him, trusting that He is on your side.

What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?
— Romans 8:31