Let the Adventure Begin

Happy Monday!

This Wednesday I'm off for the trip of a lifetime. My grandmother has so graciously invited me, my sister, and my cousin to travel with her to East Asia for a month (we'll be back mid-June!). We'll be traveling various places throughout the month and are all SO excited. I'll hopefully be able to blog a little bit of my trip as we go, although internet and time won't always be plentiful. I had planned to continue the To My Sisters series while I was gone and have them scheduled to post, but time has gotten away from me so I've decided to take a break. However, check in every now and then because I do have some posts scheduled every Thursday from my latest photography sessions! I've had several wonderful opportunities over the past couple months and I'd love for you to see the beautiful people I've had the pleasure to photograph. Also, like I said, I hope to be able to blog some of my trip while I'm away. I'll be taking lots of pictures so I know I'll be very excited to share them with you guys! If I can't blog my trip while I'm there I'll definitely be doing it when I get back.

With that said, let the adventure begin :)


P.S. If you're interested in booking a session with me, email me (haleynicolephoto@gmail.com)! I'll be checking my email and will be free to book sessions anytime after June 14th :) I hope to hear from you!