China Travels 2015 : Zhuhai

Yesterday afternoon we took a ferry to Zhuhai where we met one of my grandma's friends. He picked us up from the airport and took us to our hotel to check in. Then we went to dinner with his mom and 7 month old baby. His son was the sweetest!

The dinner was wonderful! It was our first traditional Chinese meal since being here. We had pork, beef, chicken, fish, and lots of vegetables. There were also peanuts that had amazing flavor.

After dinner we went to Walmart for the first time since being here. My uncle said Americans would be the only ones to sight-see Walmart ;). It was different, though, and neat to see. When you enter you go down an escalator, except it doesn't have stairs so you can bring your buggy on. There were several interesting foods. There were lots of fish; some alive swimming in tanks, others dried. There was also an entire black chicken. You could get your own honey and pick from various kinds.

We had a tough time trying to eat the noodles that seemed to have no beginning, and no end.

We had a tough time trying to eat the noodles that seemed to have no beginning, and no end.

My Grandma's friend took us to the New Summer Palace, a replica of the Summer Palace in Beijing that we will be seeing later. It was beautiful. The rain had been pouring almost all day long but by the time we arrived it had stopped so we were able to really enjoy it and walk around. We took sky buckets up to the top of the mountain where we had a view of Zhuhai.

This is what a lot of our day looked like yesterday! Grey and I were behind everyone else while I was getting my camera out and ready when a mom with her little boy walked up to us and wanted a picture. Soon many other people came up to us as well and we stood outside the palace for at least 5 minutes just getting our picture taken with the people. That was only the beginning, we lost count of how many times we had our picture taken. But we loved every second of it! It was neat to get to meet new people. We now know what it's like to be famous ;).